Live Music Performances in Washington DC/Maryland

Ronnie Smith

Entertainment Director

Ronnie Smith, a.k.a. "Ronnie Fresh", grew up in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area. At an early age, Ronnie could hear songs and play them on the piano without seeing a sheet of music. He started playing gigs and traveling in bands before he graduated high school. Performing on stages across the U.S. since 1987, he has played and toured with some of the best in the music industry. Ronnie is a triple threat in the music industry: he's a songwriter, a performer, and a producer. In 1998 Ronnie teamed up with singer/songwriter Eric Scott and co-wrote and produced their debut album Divine Static.

After five years of playing at Crocodile Rocks in Myrtle Beach, SC, Ronnie was ready to move back to his old stomping grounds here in the DC area. His high level of energy, charisma, and humor are always "Fresh." His vocal range will leave you awestruck, and his ability to entertain is unlike any other in the business. When Ronnie is on stage, it's guaranteed to be a show you don't want to miss!

Andrew Tepe


A long time ago, in a town far, far away (or “Smithton, PA”), a young, gifted musician emerged and, through his music, promised to bring love, joy and harmony to thousands of people across the country. After that guy died in a tragic gardening-tool accident, Andrew Tepe came on the scene. Andrew (a.k.a. “Drew,” “Drewber,” “Drewcifer”), cut his performing teeth playing piano and singing for the masses at pool halls, bars and young women’s dorm rooms while attending the University of Pittsburgh, and later graduated with a degree in Music Education from Edinboro University (it sounds like that’s in Scotland, but it’s not). After playing in bands throughout his college years, Drew began performing regularly at dueling piano clubs across the country. Drew has also performed many private shows (some of them involve singing and playing piano). In his spare time, Drew loves singing acapella harmony (everyone say it with me now - “ah-kuh-peh-luh”). In fact, you can often catch Drew and three other folks - any three other folks - cranking out old ditties in the style of American-born barbershop quartet harmony. Competitively his quartets have won district championships and performed at international competitions. Weird, huh?! Drew also enjoys bass fishing, playing ice hockey and spending time with the ever-growing Tepe family.

Daniel Korzelius


Daniel "Danny K" Korzelius is proud to call Bobby McKey’s his home away from home. He grew up in wintry Buffalo, NY, and attended the University of Buffalo for a BFA in Musical Theater. As soon as he graduated, he realized some places were sunny all year. He quickly moved to Wilmington, NC, where a buddy had convinced him to try dueling pianos. He had no idea that 15 years and dozens of clubs later, he would still be doing it. Danny aspires to be as well rounded a performer as possible. He likes to bring his theater background to the show, with impersonations of everyone from Louie Armstrong to Kermit to Joe Cocker. He'll show you a brief history of dance if you beg, and he'll probably be pulling that fiddle out if there’s a request for it. He loves playing everything, but Bill Withers, Stevie Wonder, Marc Cohn and Garth Brooks are some of his favorites. He still lives in Wilmington, where his wonderful wife and children hold down the fort.

Dave Haywood


Dave Haywood brings a unique background in jazz, reggae, funk, rock and soul, which embody the diversity of his performance. Since childhood he was schooled on both guitar and piano simultaneously, which escalated into a personal mentorship from guitar legend Les Paul and articles in Rolling Stone Magazine detailing his performances with Jon Bon Jovi. Dave currently reigns as Charlotte's Best Guitarist by Creative Loafing Magazine with a resume that includes tours throughout North and South America, Europe, the Caribbean and highlight performances at Madison Square Garden and Giants Stadium. He spent the last five years at Howl At The Moon in Charlotte, NC developing his dueling piano skills and recently left to pursue more prestigious stages like Bobby McKey's.

Rachel Solomon


Rachel is honored to be in the company of the amazing musicians and performers on the Bobby McKey's stage!  Based in Nashville since 2005, she has performed in solo and dueling piano bars all over the United States and the world, including in Norway, Germany, the Caribbean, and even on cruise ships off the Balkan coast of Russia and the Pacific coast of Mexico.  Rachel has performed on The Today Show, Toby Keith’s “Shut Up and Hold On” tour, and has had a song placed on MTV’s “16 & Pregnant”.  As a side-(wo)man, she has toured with artists such as Laura Bell Bundy, Jenn Bostic, Ruby Amanfu, Love and Theft, Krystal Keith, and Heidi Newfield (of the country group Trick Pony). Penned "the female Billy Joel" by her Berklee College of Music songwriting professor, she has also toured nationally as a solo artist and released two EPs, "Love Ourselves" and "Right On Time". Her song "Baltimore" was a finalist in the 17th Annual Great American Song Contest. 

Rachel loves the engagement with the audience that is ingrained in a piano bar setting.  Combine that with her vast and diverse library of song knowledge, she is game for almost any song request that comes in!

Rachel Solomon Image

Jimmy “Ross” Morouse


Jimmy "Ross" Morouse (from Pittsburgh) has been with Bobby McKey's for 3 years. After graduating from Penn State University and moving to Atlanta, he has performed dueling piano and solo shows across the USA and internationally. Jimmy always brings a high energy, interactive, upbeat, and creative show to the stage. He considers Bobby McKey's the best dueling piano club in the country and is humbled to perform with the most talented musicians anywhere in the dueling piano industry! He now lives in York, PA with his beautiful wife Nicole and three incredible kids, and is working on a new songwriting/recording project, focusing on his passion for contemporary Christian music.

Neil McKillip


Neil McKillip hails from Athens, GA, where he began playing piano at the age of four. His classical training continued all the way through college where he studied music and criminal justice at the University of Georgia. During that time, Neil also played in several bands before finishing school and moving to the Washington, DC area. Since that time, Neil has looked for an outlet to get back into performing. By chance he attended a show at Bobby McKey’s for a friend’s birthday and the rest is history. Neil is currently working on and recording his first solo album. Outside of Bobby McKey’s, Neil is a Senior Buyer with a major DC area company.


Drew De Four

Drew De Four grew up in Michigan and attended U of M where he studied Music and Theater. A Dueling Pianist for 20+ years with 2,000+ shows and 2,000+ songs in the repertoire, De Four has also written and produced 9 records available on all streaming services. With his wife, Kin Curran, he started D4LIVE - a virtual variety show that streamed over 200 live shows during Covid. More recently, Drew has worked in Film and TV, writing and producing music videos (available on YouTube), TV Pilots, and his first feature film: DUELERS, to be released in 2022.

Kin Curran

“Kin” (aka Colleen) grew up in Ohio and studied Vocal Performance and Music Education at Eastern Michigan University. She taught vocal music for ten years to students K-12 while also releasing a few records in that time. For the last 10 years, she has been performing Dueling Pianos and her own music all around the world with her husband, Drew De Four.

Kin Curran Headshot

Angela Madrid

Angela Madrid, aka “Angela The Great,” was born and raised in Southern California. Playing music since she was a child, Angela’s mother made her practice her piano every day before she could go play outside.

Sometimes her friends would gather around the piano watching the timer until it would ding! At that time she hated the piano and would always play the same one specific Journey song when asked to “perform” at family gatherings. Can you guess which one it was? Today, Angela is forever in debt to her mother. If it wasn’t for her, she wouldn’t have the skill or privilege to play music for a living. (Thank you, Mommy, for always making me practice.)