Fundraising Events


When you need a truly unique place to FUN-RAISE... Bobby McKey's is it! Bobby McKey's is locally owned, operated, and fully committed to giving back to our community.  When it comes to fundraising facilities, our Dueling Piano Bar is a perfect venue (unique to the DC area) for hosting a multitude of non-profit organizations or charitable cause events.


Fundraising Program

Sunday* & Monday 40%
Tuesday 35%
Wednesday 30%
Thursday 20%
Friday** 10%

*Sunday is a full event buy-out option only
**Friday fundraising packages are for mezzanine only.

Our regular schedule dictates the number of piano players.

"All in All -It was AMAZING! The food was great. The music was great. My Founder of my organization had a freaking ball. It was outstanding. You Rock!" - Lillian D. Director, Racial Wealth Divide Initiative Prosperity Now