Company Meetings


Toss out the PowerPoint and bring in the dueling pianos. For your next company meeting, venture to Bobby McKey’s for a team-building exercise that lets everyone flex their vocal and movement skills. What could be more fun than watching the boss jam along to Journey? Bobby McKey’s can host a small get together – purchase seats on the floor – or you can book the entire venue and bring 500 of your colleagues.


"Sending you both a HUGE, HUGE thank you!  You FAR exceeded my expectations and I could not have been more pleased!  You are both awesome, so incredibly talented, entertaining, fun, witty – truly spectacular!  Everyone has raved about you and they are STILL talking about Friday night.  I can’t tell you how happy we were with your performance.  I really had to talk my management into trying this and now, they are saying this was their most fun Friday event ever! I would 1000% recommend you to anyone! Please use me as a reference if you ever need one. THANK YOU!"  - Toni S. Smith-Midland